Sunday, January 25, 2009

War of the Ages

They came with the tobacco and beads of offering to ask me a favor. I must go to there home and find out why they had been seeing such strange sights. All sorts of people had been coming up out of the ground and disappearing.
I concentrated and became very frightened. I saw a dark man with a long pointed hat and he was surrounded by humans of a sort all acting like rats surrounding him. I asked my sister and her husband the next morning to come with me because they are strong warriors and would help protect me.
We passed the house about four times and it was not there. Finally it appeared and we drove up and got out. I began to get very ill and told them I could not enter the home or I would die. They went in while I smoked my pipe and prepared to talk to any spirts who would talk to me. I told my sister and her husband to not go near a wall in the hallway. That's were the dark man was sitting. He was never a human from our planet. He was a celestial being.
I found a big rock that looked good to me and sat behind it and did my ceremonies. Six Spirits came out of the clouds to tell me this story.
Eons and Eons ago back in time. Further than we can count. A war has been going on in the universe. When our planet was adobted and made fit for human beings there were Holy Men selected from different parts of our planet. They were to lock the gates every morning when the sun rose to keep the evil ones inside the good warriors on the other side had picked up that nite to deposit. This practice went on for a long time.
As the battle raged good warriors were lost and the evil soldiers began to take over. We lost the practice of selecting our gate keepers and the souls that had been tossed were able to leave. So every morning with no-one to close the gate. It is left open to let them out. The dark man is there to make sure of it.
The only way is to select the gatekeepers again and I am to draw a picture of a human warrior with his arms crossed bearing horns of the region he was guarding. Standing on the moon facing to the sun rising in the East.
I am just a lone Shaman with not too much backing. I am too frightend to paint this picture in fear of the dark man.
I was supposed to tell the people who came to ask the favor to leave the home and didn't. One of them died shortley after. Her husband got up and realized she was dead and ran out to the road naked to get help. The feds on the reservation locked him up and kept him naked all nite with not so much as a blanket.